More Evidence That MLBTV Sucks

I received this ridiculous email from MLBTV today informing me of the “added benefits” of my 2011 subscription. First of all, there would have to have been an initial benefit to have added benefits.

But the real joke is that they are offering me exactly what I canceled over. “Watch every out-of-market game live online (5/25 – 5/28)*” Living in Austin I never imagined that Houston Astros game would be blacked out for me. After all, I would have to drive three hours to get there. And with six million people in the Houston metro area, if the Astros can’t sell seats it ain’t my fault.

It’s been over a year since I cancelled my subscription that I kept for a mere two months. Do the morons at MLBTV really think a free weekend of the same crappy product I posted this blog about interests me?

Apparently so:

Dear 2011 MLB.TV Subscriber,

We’re notifying you of an added benefit to your 2011 subscription. As a former subscriber, we invite you to enjoy a full weekend of MLB.TV Premium access. Watch every out-of-market game live online (5/25 – 5/28)*. Simply login with your 2011 MLB.TV username and password and enjoy the games. To begin watching games, simply click here.

If you have any questions please contact Customer Service at 866-800-1275 or email Customers please call 512-434-1542).


*Blackout and other restrictions apply and are subject to change. Mobile access requires At Bat 12, included on supported iOS and Android devices only.

If you choose to participate in this trial, you may receive follow-up email(s) about MLB.TV products. If you do not wish to participate, we will not contact you about this former subscriber benefit again.


3 thoughts on “More Evidence That MLBTV Sucks

  1. I am watching the feed of MLB.TV Baltimore vs. Boston; or should I say I’m trying to watch. It’s atrocious. The game breaks up constantly or speeds up. I hate it!

  2. I bought MLB.TV last week. I live on the west coast. The game I wanted to watch was Boston and the Yanks on the East Coast. MLB.TV would only give me a audio feed. I’m done with there veiled promises. I requested my money back. Lets see what happens.

  3. Another example of why they suck: Hawaii is now considered a home market for ALL west coast teams. This means live broadcasts for ALL games for any west coast teams are blacked out! How the #^&%@%( can we be considered a home market 2500 miles away????? Their greed just oozes everywhere.

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