Commercial Break In Progress

MLBTV sucks so much that while watching an archived game last night, I was forced to sit (or fast-forward) through a (non-existent) commercial break.

RUFKM!? The game pauses for 5 minutes while a “commercial break” from last year plays?

It’s an archived game! You’re not even showing me a commercial, just a title card saying “Commercial break in progress. We will be right back.”

More stupidity from MLB “Advanced” Media.


26 thoughts on “Commercial Break In Progress

  1. Holy Crap , Mlb tv sucks !!!! So the mlb, who provides the games, black out your home teamon their own app?? Does this make any sense to anyone ? Just curious, am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous?

  2. I live 2,000 miles and 2 time zones away from my favorite team’s stadium. If they are playing at home facing an opponent from a city in MY time zone…. suck it up “idiot consumer”, you’re SOL.
    My biggest beef with this piss-poor service is how frequently the image freezes while audio remains current. Play at the plate? Let’s stare at a frozen base runner rounding third.
    Never ever again will I give money to this horseshit pony league service.

  3. If i had known that I would have to sit through commercials during a video I would never have bought this year and I will not next year . If I have to sit through the commercials anyway I can get cable and pay less. MLB sucks

    1. Get YouTube.TV. It’s cheaper in the long run and isn’t limited to just Baseball. I can watch any Giants game I want. Love it!

  4. So, what is even more upsetting now is they play COMMERCIALS during the commercial break now. So, I am PAYING for commercials again! Not renewing next year. I’ll go back to listening to the radio…

    Wish I had found this post before I wasted $65. I merely Googled “MLB TV Sucks” and found you. I had the same issue that another post had, i.e. “out of market” games. I signed up for MLB TV thinking that I could watch my local team (NY Mets) when they were out of town therefore “out of market”. Well to my surprise I tuned in to the Mets at San Diego Padres game on 7/24/17 (one week after signing up so beyond the refund date) and found that out of market meant a team out of MY market. Of course if I had hunted through their website I would have found what “out of market” meant; but why would they not explain this on the first webpage where the term is used rather then referring you to other pages and making it clear that you would not be able to watch your local team at all? The reason I conclude this is that they are being deliberately deceptive and ensnaring thousands of people and more into bogus subscriptions. Some of these people may not even cancel before their auto renew kicks in since they make cancelling a project in itself. I have cancelled both on their website (I think I have since their website doesn’t make that clear either) and via email. They responded to my email with an email with the phrase out of market in quotes, thereby indicating that the definition of out of market needed further clarity. MLBTV is a FRAUDELENT AND DECEPTIVE service that deserves a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT brought against it.
    So do not sign up if you are like most baseball fans and want to watch only your team. Tell others not to sign up. I am a Met fan and have no interest in watching the Seattle Mariners, Oakland A’s, Colorado Rockies, et. al. Oh and by the way lets say your team is playing out of your market and in Miami and you signed up from your home in L.A with Miami being your “favorite” team that you would watch. Well I’ve got news for you when you go to tune in from L.A to watch L.A play at Miami; guess what? You would be blacked out since your L.A. IP address would link you to the L.A team as an “in market” team. You could watch all the Miami games you want as long as they are not against L.A.

  6. I have spent the past 2 hours attempting to “allow flash player” to play in order to watch MLB.TV. This was allowed in IE. Firefox, Chrome and Opera. None of which allowed me to see anything. I am no novice. I teach CIS and hold two Masters Degrees. Although I have followed and have taken every step to allow watching MLB.TV I am watching antenna TV since there is has been persistent error messages that I do not allow Flash although I have done exactly that in each of the browsers that I have utilized. Support is not available so I am paying for a service that I am not receiving. How underwhelming. I wonder if they would prefer to refund my membership in their cruddy service.
    Ex SPSS/IBM employee John Owrey

  7. I watch on my TiVo or Samsung smart tv. The whole season I’ve been asking tech support why I cannot watch live games from the beginning, i.e. First inning if I begin watching later? Only the live feed is available, unlike in previous years where you could begin watching a live game from the first inning. Not this year! After literally a dozen phone calls and emails I get told today that that function was elliminated this year. WTF!!!!!

  8. So glad I read this. I am losing interest in baseball (and basketball, but as a Cavs fan I see enough for now).

    I miss the Indians, but not enough to pay the mafia cable company their ridiculous monthly fee. Screw ’em.

  9. I Absolutely agree with you. They should tell you in an app spoiler exactly how the app works before you pay. MLB sucks!!!

  10. Writing this 4/25/16, I live in northern Florida.

    So last night the game was blacked out because “it’s a Sunday game on ESPN”.

    Tonight I go to watch Bosox @ Atlanta, and it’s “BLACKED OUT”, WTF ?

    Called customer service, got through right away. Eric transferred me to a number that never answered.

    So I called back again, and got Stephanie in the Dominican Republic. She asked for my email address, which Eric did not. She investigated and said my account showed zip code 30114 (Canton, GA).

    She was able to fix my zip code, and I am watching the game, but WTF ???

    How the F did my zipcode change to 30114 ?

  11. I only got the service for the playoffs because it was $9.99. The feed is so bad I feel cheated even at the low price. What a ripoff!

  12. I’ve had no trouble with this year UNTIL the postseason today. Low quality stream and constant buffering. FFS, this was the whole point of paying for it. I live in Europe, so no other legitimate options. Next year will be looking into, ahem, other ways to view games online.

  13. I can’t believe how bad this service is. Last year I really didn’t have any problems watching all the games. I, too, live far away from the team I root for so nearly all the games were available and never once did I have any buffering or timeout issues. This year, it’s totally unwatchable. I have 30 Mbps internet connection and no other issues streaming anything – just MLBTV. It plays for about 3 minutes then buffers for a couple mintues then times out. And I don’t remember those stupid COMMERCIAL BREAK screens last year either. I will never pay for this service again. It totally sucks

  14. Day games stream fine. Night games have regular latency and occasional crashes. I can and have run network speed tests with an app I have and the problem is from the feed andnot my provider. Sometimes the opponents feed works better but you miss your home broadcast team – but better than constant crashing. As an engineer myself, not impressed. Also the fast forward and backward are lame since you cannot see where you’re at. If you want to watch a finished game or delayed from the start you cannot help but see the real time or final score which sucks. They should be hidden and available only if desired.

  15. I don’t see (with the modern streaming technology) HOW CAN THEY MARKET THIS AS A TV SOURCE FOR BASEBALL? This is really bad man… sheesh

  16. I’m soooo over staring at a blank screen… commercial break in progress… OMG please kill me! It’s just been way too long and they should have done something by now. Let’s take it to the top and commence with a little well deserved public shaming? These days that’s sometimes the only way to get things done.

    I found the COO/President of MLB Robert A. DuPuy’s email address from his attorney biz site. Send him your thoughts, let him know he’s dropped the ball, be polite, and share with everyone.

    It’s easy to hide behind a large corporation until you’ve been singled out for not caring about your customers and flat out ripping them off. Shame on you Robert A. DuPuy’s… do what’s right sir.

    – MLB Fan

  17. MLB.TV is basically giving all their customers the middle finger with a big grin as they continue to discount crispy service so now no one can actually watch a game without pauses every 10 seconds. My ISO speed is about 50 MBS. Hard wired. It’s sll on them for ripping off customers. Their excuse. People are trying to watch. Never again will I pay them. Well maybe 3.99 for the last week next year.

    1. yep – nothing’s changed in USA either

      I wish they would stay with the feed or go to a desk with updates from around the league during breaks

  18. You need to think prospectively. MLB fully intends to run commercials during these breaks, even for old games. The space is reserved for it. They just need to sell the space and get all their transmission and licensing arrangements consistent to allow it. The current blue screen will not be there forever. I have seen some ads run in fact, from time to time.

  19. I also got for internet since I no longer have cable. All Braves games home and away were blacked out, as I live in Atlanta. I called customer service immediately. I was told it was only temporary. They only said that to get me past their 5 day refund period. After going round and round with them, I disputed the charge on my credit card and won.

  20. I guess you get what you pay for. I paid $100 and that evens out to less than a dollar a game, and luckily I live across the country from the team I root for, so I get few blackouts.

    However the lag pretty much makes some games unwatchable. Not to mention that here I sit wanting to watch the game and I can’t. No option to watch it even though it started an hour ago. I can’t even listen to it on their site. You’d think with the amount of money MLB makes, they could hire programmers and tech support that could handle problems promptly, but no.

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