Still Sucks

Well, it looks like the update for LG BluRay players was deployed last week. It was a huge update as it took quite a bit of time to download and install.

My first attempt however, only lasted through about an inning before I got the same “cannot connect” error that I had been receiving. Subsequent attempts have met with better success.

However, the picture quality is terrible. Why can Netflix stream a high-quality SD 16×9 presentation, and VUDU delivers crystal clear 1080p streaming (on a wireless connection) but MLBTV’s picture quality is crap?

My guess is that MLB has no intention of satisfying its user base, only collecting more revenue from the poor saps who have no other option for watching the games.

Counting down to April 30th when I will cancel my subscription. (Afraid to do it now, because I’m sure they will cut me off immediately even though I’m paid up for the month.)


2 thoughts on “ Still Sucks

  1. I just canceled my MLB.TV subscription. The service has been so unreliable this year and the last straw was the ads that can’t be skipped.

  2. Here is my comment, I signed up for MLB.COM for Angels games, I understood that the “at home games” would be blacked out BUT it appears and what the people told me that ALL Angels games at home or away would be “blacked out” but I could listen to them, whoopee shit, I can do that for free on the radio. THIS IS A TOTAL RIP OFF…DO NOT SUBSCRIBED TO THESE SCAMMERS.

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